was created out of the need to better organize the flow of information surrounding events in the hobby of historical reenacting.

Our goal is to help the reenacting community by having the most up-to-date and current information as possible about upcoming events. Here you will find if an event is cancelled at the last minute, still has an open registration, what type of activities are to be held, travel directions and more.

Event organizers can add events on the site, please include as much information as possible to help the units decide which events are most relevant to them.

Having this information as soon as possible will help reduce the number of conflicts in a particular region and allow each event organizer to determine which units may be available to attend their event. This will be a partnership between the reenactors and the event organizers, beneficial to both. What we will not do is find your site, organize your event, fund raise, collect your registration and insurance or any of the other duties that belong to the reenactors and the event organizers. We will continue to expand and add features to the site as encouraged by the demand and feedback from reenactors.

Please visit this site often and feel free to make any recommendations you feel might help with the hobby of reenacting.

May our history guide us,

Will Hutchinson

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