Hebron Colonial Day

United States, Connecticut, Hebron United States, Connecticut, Hebron 326 Gilead St. - Country Carpenters

16 Sep. 2017 | 14:00 157 Day(s) Ago
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Hebron Colonial Day, Hebron CT  - September 16, 2017  10:00 AM to 4:00 PM    Step back in time to over 200 years ago.   Breathe the air, smell the smells and get a hands-on feel for colonial era trades and the men who crafted them.  Come join us for Hebron Colonial Day and see how Hebron looked when it was incorporated in 1708.  Before entering the Village, stop off and talk to some of the Native People that used these woodlands for harvesting corn and hunting.  Then continue on to enter the Village and see the sights and sounds of a 1750 town.  Hear the ring of the blacksmith's anvil and visit his shop or stop at the one-room school house and meeting house.  Talk to the teacher about education early in the town's history.   As you walk through the school yard, feel free to join the children playing games.  Continue to the red barn with craftsmen making furniture, household utensils, dipping candles, baskets and many other everyday activities.   The tinsmith with be ready with newly minted mugs along with items needed for household use.   See the townsmen working on the timbers to build their homes. Watch wool being spun into thread and learn about the necessity of a herb garden.   Across the green, there will be a local militia taunting the resident loyalists.    All this and more will await you at Hebron Colonial Day, located at Country Carpenters, 326 Gilead St. Hebron, CT   A fun, free educational day this is for all ages.    For further information contact Fred Brehant using the form below.  

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Country Carpenters, 326 Gilead St, Hebron CT